Which Is The Best Dog To Own In India?

You say, you want a pet! We will see full description about 'which one is best dog for you?'

Don't go to buy a dog breed without any research. First you will have to give the answer.

Why are you buying a dog?
  • Because of interest
  • For guarding
  • For helping

It is seen that most of people buy dogs only because of interest, if you are also buying the dog due to interest, then you must want a good looking & beautiful dog. But the price of a good looking dog goes above 1 lac which is too high for normal family.

Low price
I have seen in India that most people try to buy more & good goods at a lower price and if you are living in India then you must have heard this sentence that 'I want high profit at low cost. This is formulae of Indian businessman. So, here I will also apply this formulae that 'Which can be the best dog at a lowest price Or maintenance?'

#1 Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz has furry coat and small in size.  So, Children can play with them. This dog is suitable for old aged people. Although they live very well with children too, but when children bother them more, they get a little angry. One of the reason to listed Indian Spitz here, because of its beauty. It is also a budget friendly dog. This dog is much more beautiful and small in appearance.
 By the way, it is mostly found in white color and white color is the most preferred color. Indian Spitz is extremely intelligent and energetic dog breed. The price of Indian Spitz ranges from 1k to 8k.

#2 Labrador

Labrador are the best swimmers. 
The most rated dog breed is a labrador. 
Labrador is a healthy dog. They are also silent warriors of Indian army.
Labrador retriever is ranked first according to American Kennel club.

Labrador is one the most popular dog breed in the world according to AKC. It is intelligent, playful and friendly dog breed.
How to identify a pure labrador?
There may be misconceptions with you before buying a labrador puppy because many dog seller cheat a lot.
If a dog looks exactly like a labrador then it doesn't mean that he is pure labrador dog.

See all these qualities before buying a labrador puppy

1. Labra's tail
If you are living in India then you must have listened this sentence that 'A dog's tail cannot be straight' but here this idiom fails. Because a pure labrador has straight tail. The tail of labrador's tail is not curved like other dogs but it can be up and down or tilted from his body.
Don't you believe? that labrador puppies have straight tail then buy a pure labrador and see the straight tail.

2.Labra's ear
Many people think that there should be a speciality or good knowledge of identifing a pure dog breed and there should be a lot of information about the dog but it is not so, Because identification of pure labrador is not a difficult task. I believe you that you can do it easily by just reading it only.
Labrador's ears should stick to his face and it must be hanging just like an elephant. It should not pointed upwards or bent in shape.

3.Labra's colour 
Sometimes, you would have seen or realise that the structure of face of father & son is same but the difference is of color.
Similarly, a dog would look exactly like a labrador but it will not be pure because of color.

  • Color
There is a speciality in labrador that it is not the mixture of color. The entire body of labrador is only in one color.
Labrador is mainly found in black, chocalte or yellow in color.

  • White Spot
If a labrador is black in color then a single hair of this black coloured labrador can not be white or other than black. If you find a spot other than black then that dog would not be pure. Mostly these spots are present below the neck of the Labrador. See these spots carefully under the neck of puppy.

  • Thug Of Hindustan
But The dog seller is much smarter than us, they show a lot of sense, that is why Aamir Khan released a film 'Thugs of Hindustan' for them that 'How Thugs cheat with us'.

  • Dyeing
Dog Seller dyes white spots with black color, due to which you will not be able to see white spots.  But you too are not less than them. Show a little sense that we are also smart. If he dyes with black color then you do not need to be panic because instead of dyeing white spots with black colour, It looks a bit different like light brown or honey type color but it is the difficult task to find brown color in  the black coloured body.

  • Paw
The other way for identification of pure breed is that 'See their paws also' if a labrador is black in color then even the hair of his paws will also be black in  color and similarly it also happens with those two colours brown and chocolate.

 4. labra's jaw
I like labrador by it's jaw also. There is speciality in labra's jaw. A pure labra's lower jaw should be  covered by upper jaw and it should be thick.

Labrador was bred as a helper of fisherman to retrieve the fish and net from the pond. Labrador has good tendency to swim. It is also known as best swimmers Or waterdog. Labra's paw is designed is like a duck's leg which helps a lot in swimming.

#2 Collie Dog

If you really want a beautiful and unique dog, No matter How much is it cost? , then you should buy a Collie dog breed.

The second beautiful dog breed is Collie dog. Collie have a long coat which looks very nice on his body. Collie has made a place in northern midwest farm because of his rough and long coat. Collie was bred for herding sheep's, Don't worry because the amount of hunting of Collie dog can be controlled by simple training. After training, there will be no chance to harm another animal.

Shy Dog
They blush too much and should be socialized to reduce shyness. Collie dogs are not included in the agressive dog breed. Their barking can be controlled very easily. Collie dog breeds are also known as 'The Freind Of Children'.

Talking about tgeir health , generally they are healthy dog breed but there is genetic health disease which is 'Collie Eye Anomaly' causes improper development of eye and can also increased to blindness. So, keep these things in mind before buying this dog breed.

But the problem with this dog that it is difficult to find in India. If you get this dog breed in any shop then I will suggest you to buy this dog breed.
The price of this dog breed ranges from 25 to 30k.


If you are interested in miraculous activities and you want a dog with which you can show the miraculousness then buy one this dog breed which are descripted here.

#1 Bergamasco shepherd

I think you have never seen this type of strange dog breed in India.  Bergamasco shepherd dog is known for its long, rope type coat. It looks like Sheep and It seems that this dog is a toy of rope. You must be thinking that if Bergamasco Shepherd's hair is so big then there will be a lot of problem in grooming their hair.  But you do not need to be panic because bergamasco shepherd does not need a lot of grooming.

 Bergamasco shepherd is calm, patient, intelligent, attentive, friendly and socialable dog but the problem is the same that you can hardly find this dog breed in India.
 If you really want this dog breed then you can travel the dog from Italy or you can talk to traveller of dogs.
 The price of bergamasco shepherd is from 50k to  k.

Common problems with Dogs

Hair fall
Everyone from human to animal is disturbed with the problem of hair fall, Even labrador has hair fall problem.
The problem of hair fall is also due to the change in weather and season

Why hair fall occurs?

  • Don't give the chocolate and sweets to your dog.
  • Apply such oil to your dog which contains Salmon, Sunflower and Olive oil
  • Don't use anti tick shampoo a lot Because it will cause dry skin and hairfall

This problem is common in most of the dogs. Anyway, Labrador is a healthy dog ​​breed as much you will feed your labrador a good and tasty food that much he will eat.

But wait! Are you doing the same with your dog?
 Sometimes, we become very happy that our dog is eating very well and he will become a healthy dog ​​but we do not care what kind of food we are giving them. No matter, how much you love your dog, but you cannot put him in that condition so that he has a pain.
 Give your dog multivitamin food rather than tasty and spicy food.

Solution of Overweight

  • Try not to give those food which your dog likes more (chicken, mutton etc.)

  • You can give these spicy and tasty food once a week.
  • Take your dogs on morning walk daily

Separation anxiety
Leave talking about the separation anxiety of dogs, Even I dislike to be alone. Separation anxiety can develop the feeling of Capraphogia in dogs.
Do you know 'What is Capraphogia?'
Capraphogia is a disease in which Dogs start to eat their own poop.
Therefore, Do not leave your dog alone.