Top 5 problem solving gadgets of dog |

If you are a dog lover, you will probably have a pet dog that you love it and love to being with your pet. I know that 'your dog is best and lovely pet dog'.

But "Is your dog a problem for you?" because you maybe a businessman or a professional person, you will rarely get very little time to take proper care of your dog like to pay attention to it's health, care, exercise and it's cleanliness.

For example, if you do not take your dogs on exercise then your dog can be bored by sitting in your house.
  So, what does it matter? Don't worry about that because you can keep your dog well.

Problem solving 
Today we will talk about Top 6 problem solving gadgets of dog which can be very useful to us, These can solve our problems.

Interesting gadgets
You can buy gadgets that can solve your problems very easily and can make your dog interesting, playful or cleandog.

Here are some problem solving gadgets which you must have in your home :

shit problem

You have been very upset with the dog-waste, if your dog is not trained, it would have to potty anywhere and can spread dirt in your house or may be in your colony , which may cause the disease to spread and also, if your dog is  trained, then you will have to take it out again and again to make it potty, which will upset you.

So here, you can use 1 of these two gadget, which can do your work very easily without spreading any dirt.

#1 Piqapoo

Being clean and fresh will decide your dog's life as well as it's beauty. If your dog is not fresh and clean then it can have a lot of health disease that can be  the problem of both (you and your dog). It Can be harmful too.

you do not need to panic because you can buy a piqapoo. here, you get polythene bag for pet-waste.  It has two adjustable clamps which you can adjust according to your dog's tail.

After applying this, the dog does not feel any pain because it has a rubber band in the clamp, piqapoo would be very easy to use.  After using the bag You can throw it away very easily.

Pet friendly
Piqapoo is completely pet friendly,there are no side effectof piqapoo. When You go for a morning walk  And off course you would take Your Dog Along with you , then piqapoo can be very useful for you at that time. 

#2 brilliant pad

There is rainy season and it is raining, the storm is overflowing and there is a cute dog in your house and it would have to go for potty, so what will you do now? Would your dog spread dirt in your house? and will you clean that dirt?  Offcourse not !
  There is no need to do everything because you have a brilliant pad.

   When will it come to work?
   Let's start, with how it works. The brilliant pad has two rods that roll, there is a dog's pad in between these two rods which absorbs the dog waste when your dog pees .

One rod rolls and collects the waste and the other rod rolls and brings the new , fresh dog's pad, so the process goes on and when your dog's pad is over, you can throw that used pad and replace it with a new one.

When to use?
If you do not feel to go out from your house or you are busy in some work, then you can use this brilliant pad.

Exercise problem

Oh Dad, what is this? every day, you wake me up early in the morning. let me sleep now more.
No son, you should exercise early in the morning because exercise is very important to keep our health good.
So friends, we often hear these words from our father in our childhood Or you must have heard an idiom that 'Health is Wealth'.

Important for your pets
The fact is that exercise is much important for our life. As much as exercise is important for us, It is also important for your pet & dogs.

But the question arises that how to exercise the dog because you do not have time at all, but if you did not bring your dog to exercise, it would be bored by sitting in your house and maybe it would start barking and it will try to jump or run in your house.

These acts of dogs can bother or disturb you and your children but there is nothing to worry about that because the solution has come.

You can take one of this gadget from  these two gadgets. This gadget will be very useful for exercising your dog and you can also enjoy it together.

#3 swift paws

Swiftpaws gadgets are designed for outdoor exercise. If you have a large house and backyard or if there is a playground in your locality, then you can use or set swiftpaws there.

With swiftpaws, you get an assembly kit which holds a lot of equipment along with a rechargeable battery. After the charge is over, you can also recharge it back. To run it, you are also given a remote control that you can  use very easily. Due to its small size, swiftpaws is easily portable.

With Swiftpaws, you get a rope and flag unit. You can tie flag unit in rope.  The length of the rope is about 20 to 30 feet but you can adjust it, you can also adjust its shape.

In swiftpaws four wheel motor is provided. Rope is fitted in these four motors. When these motors start, rope also starts to move.The flag unit is also attached to the rope and it also stars to move, when flag unit moves then your dog runs to catch it and this process goes on so that your dog exercises well.

#4 wickedbone

This gadget is designed both indoor and outdoor exercise. It can be very interesting for you and your dog as well. It is a gadget of bone shaped and it has two wheel which rotates.

you can connect this gadget to the Bluetooth of your smart phone. After connecting it, you can also play it like a toy. your dog can also have a good exercise. when you control this gadget by your smartphone then it goes back and ahead very quickly. When it starts moving, your dog is also ready to catch it and run like a racing and try to catch it. 

 As every child is fond of toys in childhood. This gadget can lead to the enjoyment of your dog as well as your child.

Mental problems

Along with physical exercise, it is also important to have mental exercise
We have never thought about mental exercises for pet but 'Is mental exercise not necessary for your dog?'
No, mental exercise is very important for your pet, but how can you give your dog a mental exercise.
Let's know that.
A gadget named clever pet will help you in this situation.

#5 Clever pet

What is clever pet?
There are a lot of inbuilt games inside the clever pet which are operated with 3 light buttons.

To operate this mental problem solving gadget, first you have to install an app in your smartphone and you can customize the game clever pet, it also has lots of puzzles and you can also set the time  of game in this gadget.

After completing the puzzle, this gadget offers a diet to your dog as a reward. In this way, your dog's mental exercise can be done very easily.

Teeth problem

When all these things have already been talked.why shouldn't also we talk about the teeth of the dog.

Is it necessary?
Now, which gadget will clean the teeth of the dog? No, it's not really a gadget but you can call it as a toy.
Have you ever thought that the dog also needs to be brushed? My answer will be offcourse "No''.
But yes, if it is a pet dog and stays with you then absolutely your dog needs to be brushed because if their teeth are not cleaned at the right time then they can have many teeth related problems.

Who will do?
Well, let's assume that dogs need to be brushed.
so will those dogs like us brush every day?
Will you brush your dog's teeth every day . It is probably not possible.
So, To solve this problem you need a toy named 'Bristly tooth brush' for dogs.

#6  Bristly tooth brush for dogs

It is specially designed for the pet dog. It is a toothbrush stick that helps to keep the teeth of the dogs clean. It is designed according to the dog's mouth. There is one toothpaste  inside it, which clean dog's teeth deeply.

Friends, if you also want to keep your dog clean and fresh then you can also use this gadget. It has a rubber band in the shape of fork. When your dog starts to chew it then rubber band enters in the holes of dog's teeth and cleans all the dirts which are stuck to the teeth of dogs. Bristly toothpaste works properly to clean the teeth of dog.

Are you interested?
If you really interested to buy one of these gadgets of the dog. Here, I am giving the details of all of these gadgets that from which website you can buy this and how much it cost.
Note: price can vary according to time but today (30 september 2k19)
Prices of these gadgets are:

Price: $8

2.Brilliant pad machine
Price: $150
Website: brilliantpad

Website: swiftpaws

4.wicked bone
Price: $97
Website: Amazon

5. Clever pet
Price: $249

6. Bristly toothbrush set for dogs

So, these were the top 6 problem solving gadget for pets.
Friends, you should try atleast one of these gadgets for your dogs.