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Oye hud Punjabi !  Tuhanu Pyar karda.  I like Punjabi language and guys also. I have also Punjabis friend. They all are wrestler and gymnastics. I thought their dog would also be strong like them & they would make their dogs firm and massy by feeding their Punjabi dogs a lot.

The river of Passion

Punjab is made from two words of farsi. Punj and aab. 'Punj' means 'five' and  'aab' is water. As you know very well why it is called as Punjab . Because five river flows in the land of Punjab. But I think it should be named as 'Sheeshaab'. 'Sheesh' meaning six and 'Aab' is water. people forgot one of river that flows in the veins of Punjabis youngster 'The river of Passion'. Their passion flows with their blood.

Best Dog Lover

I was not writing an article on this topic because I thought that Punjabi would not pet dogs and they would not be interested in petting a dog but I was proved to be wrong. Now I think that Punjabi should be awarded by the prize of 'Best Dog Lovers'. They consider their punjabi dog to be their pride. They train their dogs very much and make ready for 'Dog racing'. Every punjabi tries to join and wants to win this race. Punjabi greyhounds are the 'King Of Fastest Dog'.They run with very high speed. They are also known as 'Ferrari of Dogs'.

Punjabi Greyhound Dogs

Most famous Punjabi dog is Punjabi Greyhound Dog. It would be wrong to call them a Punjabi Dogs because they are not actually Punjabi Dogs because
Their real origin is not from Punjab. They are originated from Europe But dogs of this breed are mostly found in Punjab. Punjabis like this type of dog breed a lot. In rural areas there are a lots of Punjabi Greyhound dogs.
Their head is very short and thin and the neck is also long, they are long in front, they are slightly thick in the middle,and have deep chest they are very well designed, which looks very good. They are included in the category of large dog breed.

  • Height and weight: Punjabi Dogs can weigh from 25 to 40 kg and their height is from 27 to 30 inches.
  • Litter-size: 1 to 12 puppies
  • Life-span: 10 to 15 years.

Why are Greyhounds called Punjabi Dog in Punjab?
Although their origin is from Europe, but due to its high quantity and desire in Punjab, Punjabis started calling it Punjabi greyhound dog. It is also known by the name of Punjabi dogs in Punjab rather than Greyhound. In this article, I will also call them as 'Punjabi Dogs'.
Most of Punjabi people have Punjabi greyhound Dogs in Punjab.

Is it cruelty?

Many people think it is a cruelty to those  Punjabi dogs which are used in Dog racing and think that 'Why do Punjabis train their dog too much and prepare for Dog racing?
No,It's not reality. According to me, it is a right opinion for those dogs to do so much training and exercise because Punjabies say "Punjabi Greyhounds dogs are born to run."  And racing is in their blood. Punjabis keep their dogs well more than their family members and love them. They give food to their dogs which is  better than normal human's food too. 

Punjabi Dogs at home

If it is started to keep Punjabi Greyhounds Dogs at home without any exercise and running then they become a bit lazy and like to sleep more. So it is very important to exercise them otherwise, they can lose their identity. Because the identity of lions is not from his body but from his roar. Similarly,The identity of Punjabi Greyhound Dogs is his Speed. I think it is not cruelty for any dogs.

How Do Punjabi treat their Dog?

‘Do you massage oil daily to your dog?’. I don’t know about you but talking about Punjabis people, They do not let their dog sleep without massaging them with oil.  Punjabi dogs live just like the Nawabs with punjabis people. For Punjabi Dogs, a separate room with a good atmosphere, Bed, Tasty and delicious food, everything is provided in Punjab.

Wishes to be a Punjabi Dogs

Sometimes, I think that I would be a Punjabi greyhound and I would also get oil massage everyday. My body are pressed and I have a separate room.  Every day, I take dishes like Chicken, Tandoori, Masala mutton, curd etc. Even a normal person does not get it. The Punjabi dogs live in punjab like Nawabs. They are also massaged with oil every day.

Invisible Quality of Punjabi Dogs

You must have heard this sentence that people judge books by it cover.  But here, It would be utterly stupid to see the Punjabi Greyhound dogs assessing their strength by looking at their health and size. No matter how thin they are in appearance.  Being thin is one of their specialities. Because of being thin they are very active dog breed. These are very powerful dogs.

Speed of Greyhound Dog

They can run easily and with great speed of 64 to 72 km/hr. I sometimes think that How can they run so fast?  because an old bike of mine used to vibrate at such a speed. Punjabi dogs got the certificate as hunting dogs in heredity.

Dog Racing

The race of Greyhound has been going on since the British era, where it used to chase rabbits, they have dynastic enmity with rabbits.If anywhere the rabbit is seen in any condition then they chase them and try to catch them at any cost. In catching the rabbit they are very expert.

Punjab High Court put a bann on catching the rabbit by Greyhound. Punjabi used to do Dog racing very easily and with passion. But suddenly there was a problem with them that the Punjab court made some restrictions on the Dog racing.

Permission required
Now, they have to follow some rules and regulations for dog racing.
By the way, Punjab high court has no problem with dog racing, but they say that many dog ​​racing is done in Punjab without permission. If you want a dog racing to be done in Punjab then you may have to issue a permission. But in rural areas, thousands of people do 'Dog racing' without permission.

  But Punjabies are very enthusiastic, they live free only after completing their passion.After getting the band, They somehow managed to get out of it. Now, Punjabi greyhound dogs chase the fake machine which is actually a common plate on which the skin of the rabbit is skinned. A man drives a machine and that plate starts running at a very high speed and Greyhound dogs also started to follow it like a leopard. In this manner Punjabi start 'Dog racing'.
Punjabi dogs run so fast that their one jump is equal to 3.5 meters.  The breed of Punjabi greyhound is known for the fastest dog breed in the world.

king of Racer
  Every Punjabi wants to make his punjabi greyhound dog 'The King of Punjab Racing'.
 They have formed a group of greyhound hunters and train all the greyhound together and take them for running daily in their big fields.

They also have finals and semifinals in their race. I think it is more fun to watch races of these dogs than human race. After completing 1 km race, Greyhounds breathe like a truck's engine.

Types of Dog racing

There are two types of racing of greyhound dogs
  • Track racing
  • Coursing

1.Track racing
Track racing is a normal type of racing. You must have seen this race.There is unpaved oval shaped track for every dog and also the arrangements of sitting around this track. There are separate blocks made for each dog. Before starting the race, They are closed in separate blocks. Simultaneously, When door is opened then Punjabi Greyhound Dogs started to run and race begins in this way.

 2. Coursing
This race is mostly take place in rural areas and in the fields, In which a fake animal is made and it is run by a machine and the dog is asked to follow it. It is one kind greedy race.


Before starting the race of these dogs, Punjabi Dog's mouth is tied up by muzzle so that they do not bite each other  while running. The truck is also run over the fields to soften the soil of fields so that the Punjabi dogs do not get scratched while running.

In this way, Punjabis win the prize in dog racing and earn a big name. Some of Punjabis take it very seriously and perform it honestly. When it comes to money, there is not much benefit in 'Dog racing' . They only do it to fulfill their passion rather people spend 4-5 lakh in this work.

Why punjabi greyhound run too fast?

 Punjabi dogs follow two steps during running.
 This one speciality  in Greyhound Dog makes them unique amongst all the dog breed.

These steps help Punjabi dogs in running fast.
  • Full extension
  • Double Suspension

 1. Full extension
When Punjabi greyhound dogs are in the position of full extension then their length become more than 2 meter.  Actually, in this position, the Punjabi dog becomes completely straight. Both the legs of Greyhound spread completely, both of their legs reach upto the body level, their angle is slightly less than 180 degrees. At this position, Greyhound comes completely in the air. Full extension position helps Greyhound to form Double suspension position.

 2.Double suspension
In this position, Greyhound's length becomes less than one metre.  In this position, the Punjabi dog becomes like a small mouse, at this position, their back foot makes an angle towards the front foot and their front foot makes an angle towards the back foot. This position helps them take a quantum leap.  In the position of double suspension the greyhound comes on the ground. This position helps Greyhound to come in Full extension position.