How to solve problems related to dogs.

Every living being has problems but it doesn't mean that problems have no solution. Today, we will talk about dog health , diet and aggression problems & we will know how to deal with the dog behaviour problems.

Be aware
If you are going to buy any dog so,  you should be known about ' what problems do dogs have?' & keep these things in mind that are described in this article or if you have bought your dog & have many problems related to your pet then we will see solutions to those problems.

Problems are:
It is common to have such problems in dog. Often, problems related to dogs are vomiting, eating , health and Excessive barking. Today, we will see the solution of some of these problems.

#1 Health problems

I have seen many people who Keep Very  Good Dogs but there are many health related problems which are associated with their dog, causing them a lot of trouble. Which types of health problems can your dog have? Today we are going to discuss these problems and its solution too.

  • Coprophagia
Coprophagia is a Greek word made by two words 'Copros' which means "feces" and 'phagia' refers to eating.

  • Losses 
It is the kind of disease in which dogs start to eat their own waste. Here, we will see that ' how to stop puppy from eating poop'

Why is my dog eating poop?

It can be a strange incident with you. you will be worried that 'why is my dog  eating poop all of sudden.
This will be unfair to you. You will have a question 'What can I do to stop my dog from eating poop?'

  • Science
Here, we will understand some science. 
Oh! Don't leave it, you will be  thinking that how can you understand science because you may be a math or commerce student but don't worry because it is easy to be understood. By understanding science, you can easily deal with this problem and You will be able to find a solution to this problem.
These are the most probable causes due to which your dog start to eat poop.

1.Intestinal worms
 worms are the stomach bug which are present in the stomach of your dog.
This worms develop in the intestine and their growth is in multiple.  Reproduction of these worms occur at a very fast rate.

  • Working
When it develops in the intestine of your dog or puppy then it starts to eat nutrients continuously from food which are present in the stomach of your dog. These nutrients is supplied through the blood.  Along with this, these worms also suck their blood.
 Due to which there is a lack of nutrients and blood inside your dog. To balance it, your dog starts eating poop.

What to do?
When you have such a condition, you should immediately consult a doctor. Dr. will give medicines according to your dog's size weight and age, Here I will tell you 'what can you do?'

  • By deworming
What is deworming of puppies?
Now, you know the reason Why Your Dog Is Eating Poop?
Due to worms.
So you have to kill those worms . The process of killing worms which are present in the stomach of puppies is known as deworming.

  • Importance
Deworming is very important for your  Dog. It keeps your dog healthy, active  and alert. If your puppies are not dewormed properly from age 1 week to 1 year then it's immune system can deteriorate which can take your puppy 's life also.
Don't you know the process deworming?
Let's try to know it.
 If you are a new pet owner then it is really very important for you to have a knowledge of proper Deworming.

When and how to do it?
if you do not do the Deworming  of your pet then your dog would have a problem such as eating poop, loose motion, Deterioration of stomach infrastructure, Being thin etc. when you will not deworm yoUr dogs then Their growth  also stop but Every owner wants their puppy to grow as soon as possible.

American association of Whitney medical 
According to American Association of Whitney medical, When will you have to deworm your pet in how many months Or weeks?       age of your dog    deworming
   1.                  2 weeks                   ✓  
   2.                  4 weeks                   ✓
   3.                  6 weeks                   ✓
   4.                  8 weeks                   ✓
   5.                  10 weeks                 ✓
   6.                  12 weeks                 ✓
   7.                  4 months                 ✓
   8.                  5 months                 ✓
   9.                  6 months                 ✓
   10.                Every three
                            months                ✓

  • After then          
You have to do deworming every 3 months until your dog turns to 5 years. After 5 years, your dog should get dewormed every 6 months or throughout the year.

  • Before delivery
 Deworming is done even before 50 days of delivery. To get deworming, there are different medicines for pregnant beaches.

Medicine of deworming

Friends, I can tell you the medicines of deworming, you can also read and know which medicines are there for deworming, but I have not seen your dog neither known about its size nor  its weight. I don't know its age also

Consult a doctor
Therefore, I will suggest you Before knowing about these medicine, you should consult with a pet's doctor because he will give medicines according to your dog.

  • For less than 3 months
 If your puppy is less than 3 months then he can't take hard and effective medicines therefore start with liquid medicines.

There are three syrups for Deworming
1.kiwof puppy
2.wormtek suspension

The amount of all these syrups are 
15ml. This is to be given as 1ml / Kg body weight.

When to feed?
You have to feed it on early morning with empty stomach or in the evening after 2 hours of eating, it should be given only once a day and according to the next time schedule which is given above. if you think your puppy is weak, less active, alertless or chemical deworming causes him difficulty then its alternative another medicine is:

  • Vivaldis natural deworming tablet
This is a very effective medicine which has papaya extract. In this you have to feed the puppy 1 tab in the morning and in the evening for two consecutive days. Give two tablets in the morning and in the evening to the adult dog

  • For 3 to 6 months
If your puppy is adult and older than 3 to 6 months then there is two medicine for that puppies.
 1.Eazypet (Intas)
 2.Worm trap (pet care)

Way of feeding
 You have to feed it according to 1 tab / 10kg body weight. The time of giving the tablet will be the same as the time of liquid medicine. If your dog does not eat it directly then you can also feed it by mixing it with his food and water.
 Make sure your dog shouldn't vomit.

  • For giant dogs
If your dog is giant and big and his weight is above 30kg then it is included in the category of strongest dog breed. A separate medicine is made for them which is Worex-Xl which should be given as 1 tab/35kg of body weight.

How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally?
The second most probable causes for coprophagia is:

  • Incomplete diet:

Often, we do not pay attention to the diet of the dogs. We give them those food which they like more. Never do such a mistake. Don't give them the food of their choice because some spicy food helps in developing the worms.  If your dog is a fussy eater and does not eat that food which you want to give or which is beneficial for him, then in this article I have explained solution of this problem. you must read it.

 a) Mineral deficiency 

If your pet's diet is deficient in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium and magnesium, then your puppy or pet may have the problem of eating poop, so you should give them such a diet which is full of minerals.
Best dog food with phosphorus mineral

How to overcome?
To overcome the deficiency of phosphorus, you can give them meat and daily ingredients like milk egg.

  • Calcium deficiency 
You can give them raw bones, Vegetables, dairy products and fish like diet to overcome calcium deficiency.

  • Sodium deficiency 
grain, fruit and vegetable removes sodium deficiency

  • Magnesium  deficiency 
Vegetables or seafood is a very good diet to overcome magnesium deficiency.

 If you give these types of food to your dog, then I hope your pet's health will also be good and such problems will never happen.

b)vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is also a main reason for eating such an abnormal thing by your pet. Do you want to know that
which vitamin deficiency leads to Coprophagia in dogs?
 The answer is Vitamin d complex
 Due to this vitamin deficiency, your dog can also do such activities, you can give fish meat and dairy products to reduce this deficiencies.

c) Insufficient calories

Every living being from humans to animals need calories daily, similarly your pet needs a required amount of calories, which gives him an energy for daily work.

  • Try to balance
If he is unable to get sufficient amount of calories or energy from his diet, then 'he tries to balance calories and energy by eating abnormal things'.

Food with calories 
Here I will tell you about the food which has sufficient amount of calories, but before feeding this food, keep in mind that 'Do not feed this food too much' because large amounts of this food can increase your dog's weight & your pet may be overweight which will be barrier in running.

These are the dog's food with full of calories:
1. High performance dog food (Bully max) 
535 calories per cup
2. High calorie (Miraclevet)
 3000 calories in 228 gm

d) insufficient fiber

What is fiber?
Fiber (roughage) is the plant-based food ( fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts).
It travels without digestion in our body, it keeps our digestive system clean and healthy and flushes out harmful things which are present in our stomach.fibre is very important for us as well as our dogs.

  • Disadvantage 
 If your dog does not get the required  amount of fiber, then its digestive system will be weak due to which the problem of eating poop products can occur.

  • Food with fibre
 So I will refer you to give those food to  your dog which are rich in fiber such as multigrain bread.  The mixture of Millet, Sorghum and oatmeal bread is called multigrain bread, in which high amount of fiber is present, also give them balanced nutrients food Other than this, you can also give pumpkin because pumpkin has very high amount of fiber.

I will recommend you to give your dog's food full of nutrition and protein.  Start his morning with milk, which is the bulk of protein. Avoid feeding your dog chicken, spicy and tasty food.
 If your dog is a fussy eater and do not eat those foods then buy a quality premium dog food and give it daily in every morning and evening.

#2. Eating problem 

As you know very well, that Dogs like food too much but sometimes what happen to them that they stop eating Food Suddenly. 
Does this happen to  your dog? 
 you will be worried that why my dog is not eating ?

  • Don't be painic
 Often, New pet owner become very much  Upset and try to know that 'why My dog is not eating his  food anymore'. But you don't need to be painic. It may be possible that 'your dog not eating for a week'.

Why my dog is not eating?
This often happens with the dog not eating food anymore. There may be three Reasons for dog not eating his food.
c)fussy eaters


When you get sick then at the time of fever Do you like to eat food?  I don't KNOW about you but talking about me, I really dislike my favourite dish at the time of fever. Similarly, it also happens with the dogs. You cannot force feed them at the time of illness.

What to do?
Try to give simple food to your dog ( like: egg, juice, curd & bread etc.)
with full of taste. At the time of illness you should not give chicken or chicken rice etc to them. In-spite of this, if your dog doesn't eat food then you should consult with doctors as soon as possible.


Doesn't anyone eat food because of depression?
Yes, it can be possible. If your dog is not eating food for many days due to depression then you should not worry about why your dog is  not eating, but you should be worried 
Why your dog is in depression?
Reason for depression

  • Know the reason

First of all, you will have to know the reason for depression of your dog.
Don't you take them on a morning walk Or exercise?
If you don't, then do it immediately at any cost.
Instead of exercise, if your dog do not  start eating food then follow these steps. By the way, if you take your pet on exercise then it's depression will also reduce and it will also start eating food.

What to do?
You can give some good food to your pet. You can also add some tasty things to his food. Give some delicious and tasty food with his food like chicken rice, chicken, butter, curd etc.

c)Fussy eater

Is your dog fussy eater?
How will you know that my pet is a fussy eater. If your dog is not eating but seems fine Or acting normal then your dog can be a fussy eater.

  • A problem 
If your dog is a fussy eater, you may have problems with it because If you give him a simple food then he will pretend to eat because he has become used to eat chicken, chicken rice Or good food that you give him.

Oh shit! What kind of trouble is that?
If you give him a simple food then he will not eat or if you give him good, spicy & tasty food everyday then your dog may have stomach upset Or the condition of Coprophagia.

  • Don't worry
Nothing to worry about that but yes, here you have to control emotions related to your pet & you will have to be  strict against your pet If you want your pet to start eating food.

Follow these steps
At first, Set your dog's time to eat. If your dog is less than 6 months, Give him AT LEAST four times a day, If more than 6 months then three times, More than a year then two times in a day.

1.On the first day, when you start giving him simple food to eat. Take little food ON  that day and keep in front of your dog and leave it there for 15 minutes after 15 minutes  if your dog doesn't eat then replace that food with good food which he likes.

2. On the second day, repeat the first step again but this time the duration of keeping simple food in front of your dog will be at least 1 hour.

3. If he does not eat even after 1 hour, then  mix something good and spicy food in simple food .

4. On the third day, you may have to control a little emotion because maybe your dog will not eat food for a day,  keep food in front of him and do not pick it up until he eats.

5.From the fourth day onwards, Your dog  will absolutely start eating at all. If your dog does not eat, then you do not have to panic, continue the process.

#3   Environmental stress

Your dog can also do eating poop actions due to environmental stress
 You should pay more attention to this point.
  How can your dog get environmental stress? Now, we will discuss it.

1. Isolation/ boredom

Often, people do not pay more attention to the factor that causes dog to go into stress.
  Sometimes, He does not feel like freedom. Never make the mistake of locking your dog in the cage or kennel club and leaving him alone, imagine how we will feel if someone closes us in a room all day, similarly your pet also does not like to be imprisoned, often when people go to jobs in the morning  then they leave their pet alone but when you leave your pet inside the house and leave it open in the evening, it gets bored all day and causes isolation and feeling of boredom, due to which your dog starts eating its own poop.

What should you do for this? 
Whenever you buy a dog, do not make the mistake of buying a single dog. Always buy dogs in couple. 
If you do not want to buy another dog, then you may have to suffer a little. Find a neighbor in your area who has a dog. Remember your neighbour should be a good person. When you go for a job in the morning, leave your dog with your neighbor's dog so that he will find a companion and his day will also pass easily.

2. Small space

Space can also be a big reason of Coprophagia. Think how much space have you given your dog to live? Many people are afraid to leave their dog open because of attacking  anyone. Maybe your dogs are giant breed which requires a lot of space. so Do you also keep your dog in a cage or small kennel house?
 Close your dog in the kennel house only at night, Rest of the day leave it open in the house.

Is it necessary to have a very big place to pet a dog? 
No , I am not saying that your house should be very big. Make a habit of leaving it open. If you do not have a very big house, then there is no problem, you should at least get it on the morning walk 1-2 kilometers daily.
 If you do not give your dog a big place to roam, then the habit of eating poop will develop.


You would have to see that
 Is your dog  not happy with you?
 keep your dog lovingly and be friendly with him. Do not let him feel uncomfortable.

When does anxiety develop inside the dog?
 It develops inside the dog when you are giving them harsh training, I will refuse to send your dog to the trainer because they beat a lot. So it is better to  buy a dog in its childhood and give him training from the beginning and if you are keeping your dog in an uncomfortable environment, then anxiety can develop in your dog.

4. Natural problem
Sometimes it also happens naturally with  dog. To maintain some naturals problems, you dog start eating poop.

 a) Wrong identification of food
 What new pet owners often do is that when their dog does potty, then they serve  food immediately after potting. which is a big mistake because dogs are not able to differ today's food and their potty. Due to wrong identification, they start eating poop. So, after pottying your dog, Never serve them food immediately.

b) Cleaning instincts

After delivering her puppy, when female dog stay and care for her puppies. There is a natural habit in it that she keeps her puppy clean all the time and because of cleanliness when  her puppies do potty then she also eats it. Due to eating the poop, a typical smell of poop spreads throughout her body. When her puppies see their mother doing this, they also try to do something like that and eating poop becomes a habit.

If you are breeding or even the beaches  that have delivered new puppies, whenever they do potty, then you should clean it immediately and take great care of cleanliness.

 #4  Behavior problems

Does your dog misbehave with you?
 Behavior problem is often with the dog. Your dog may misbehave with you or treat everyone with aggression so here, we will know how to deal with the abnormal dog behavior

Most common dog behavior problems are.


If you have a German shepherd, bully dog, ​​american bull terrier, Rottweiler Or Giant dog breed, then you must have exposed their aggression. Talking about Youngster, then most of the Youngsters like aggressive dogs if your pet is also an aggressive dog then you would have a problem because first of all, taking them out is a difficult task, whenever you take them out, they would start barking on seeing strangers. He must have done a lot of barking at other dogs and he would try to fight them and you cannot leave him alone for a long time, so how do we solve this problem, let's talk about it.

  • Loneliness
 The main reason for aggression in the dog is to leave them alone, stay with them and do not leave it alone for a long time and socialize with them.  You should take them to the dog park daily and teach them to socialize with other dogs as well.

  • Freedom 
 The second reason for aggressive nature to keep them in the cage. Do not tie them in one place.

  • Sexual problems 
 Some dogs have social problems as well as sexual behavior problems. This is the biggest reason for Aggression and whenever a male dog will see a female dog or a female dog looks at a male dog then he/she becomes aggressive.

  • Solution 

There is a process of Castration or neutering for male dog and female dogs have to be spaying to reduce sexual power and makes your dog less aggressive.

Do Or Don't 
If you see your dog in aggression, then you should never leave Or beat him. 
 Go near him and put your hands on his back and love him and give them a beautiful smile.

 2. Chewing

I don't think that you will have any problem by chewing of your dog.  But when this chewing turns to destructive chewing ,then it can be difficult for you. It chews your very important things, you will have to protect important things from them.

 My sir had a dog, who used to sit all day and chew the chair and sofa, which  is very upset for my sir. 
 we will know what the solution is, how to save important things from them, first of all we'll know why your dog is chewing so much.

 There may three reasons for chewing
 2.young puppy
 3.separation anxiety


If seen, most of the dogs start chewing because of boring.
 You need to see that isn't my dog getting bored?
  you should pay attention to it very much it can also develop anxiety to your dogs.

 2.young puppy

Newborn puppies chew a lot, puppy teething may also be the reason for their chewing. The habit of chewing is beneficial for newborn puppies because it makes their jaws strong and clean. It also gives strength in teeth. Sometimes, when there is pain in their teeth, then they start chewing to get relief from this pain.

3. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is also one of the man reasons for chewing.  Any dog does not like loneliness at all. So, they start chewing, which makes their time pass very easily.


Sometimes, due to enjoyment and excitement, they start chewing. Some dog likes chewing very much, most of them are newborn puppies.

 How to stop chewing?
According to me you should not be afraid by the habit of chewing and do not force them to stop chewing because chewing is a good habit for them.
But yes, if they are doing excessive chewing and ruining your important things then what should you do in this condition?

 If your dog is chewing something wrong and you do not want to make that thing chew then you do not try to snatch that thing from him. If you do this then he will attract more towards that thing and try to chew it more.  At this time, you can focus his mind on another side, such as give him something to eat or give him something to pick up.

  • people's advice
Many people will give you advice that you should give them chewing toys and they will chew it all day, 
yes, you can do that too but it is only useful to avoid chewing.

  • My advice

But I will suggest you to buy a bristly tooth brush for dogs. In this toy you will be saved from the habit of chewing, and when your dog will chew it then its teeth will also be cleaned. This is a type of brush which is very good for dogs. It is specially designed for dogs.

Come on, you have read such a big article, now I will ask you some questions in the form of a quiz, I hope you will answer exactly right.