Gabe The Dog | Is Gabe The Dog still alive?

Who is Gabe The Dog?,When did Gabe The Dog die?,Gabe The Dog breed?, How did Gabe The Dog die?

All these questions will be raised in your mind. So today, we will know all about Gabe The Dog.

Who is Gabe The Dog?

Gabe is  the name of dog. It is pet by a youtuber deathtrips former known as gravycp.
The story of Gabe The Dog begins in January 2013, when gravycp uploaded a short video of Gabe's  barking. It was heart touching barking by the Gabe But at that time he did not become so famous.  Later, Gabe's barking was used in lots of songs and remixes which are very famous today and some of them got millions of views.  Gabe The Dog is also very famous for meme because people made a lots of meme of Gabe The Dog.

How did Gabe The dog become too famous?

A young boy named gravy cp started a youtube channel 'gravycp' in 1 sep 2010. In this channel he used to upload gaming video but didn't get good response from gaming video. One day, he uploaded a video of his dog (Gabe) titled 'Warning very scary  rated R' in horror type. In this video he got more views as compared to other video which he had. Now, today(7 oct 2k19) this video has 2910 views. When he got good response from this type of video then he made another video of 'Gabe The Dog ' The new Dog source' which has the highest views 456k in his channel. But suddenly there was a problem with his youtube account then he started another channel named deathtrips.

Gabe The Dog death

When did Gabe The Dog die?
It was very painful and aching day for Gabe's lover because at that time 'Gabe The Dog' became very famous and people started to love him and also with his voice Or bork. But suddenly,  in the evening of january 2k17 Gabe The Dog died.

How did Gabe The Dog die?

What was The reason for the Gabe's death. You will have a question in your mind that 'What happened to Gabe The Dog because of which he died suddenly?' & How did Gabe The Dog die?  Here is the answer...
Gabe The Dog had been Struggling with the heart problem for some time and one day at the night of January 2k17, This heart complications  became worse and Gabe The Dog was not able to bear it and took the last breath of his life.

Gabe's last words

After this a youtube channel named 'Stalka' uploaded a  video (Gabe's last words) which is very popular today & has got 6.6 million views. This video is really full of sadness & We will never forget Gabe's last word. The news of death of Gabe The Dog spread all over the world like a burning fire. After the death of Gabe The Dog an official facebook page ( Gabe The Dog) also posted that Gabe The Dog died due to a heart problem.

Is Gabe The Dog still alive?

It can be possible that Gabe The Dog is not physically present with us but he is still alive in our hearts and minds and also in our memes and remix.

Gabe The Dog popularity

Gabe The Dog Facebook

A Facebook page named Gabe The Dog  has also been created, which has 351152 likes. This page used to upload some posts about the information of Gabe The Dog but now it designs all the T-shirts and sweaters for Gabe's Lover  and sells them.

Gabe The Dog T-shirts
There is latest post of this Facebook page is a sweater in which a photo of Gabe and Bork has been printed that costs from about $35 to $ 45. If you are also Gabe's lover and want a small one like this, you can soon go to this Facebook page and buy a great sweater.

Gabe The Dog website
Due to being so popular, A website ( also sell gift and merchandise for Gabe's Lover. There are a lot of things in this website. If you are interested then you can buy a lot of things which one you like.

From which country Gabe The Dog belongs?

Gabe The Dog remix

But this is not enough, after uploading Gabe's barking video people started making remix of his barking which are very popular today.
Here are the most popular Gabe The Dog remixes made by the people

1.Top 10 Gabe The Dog remix:

It was uploaded 2 years ago by YouTube channel named 'Gabe The Dog' Which has 18 million views . It is really very interesting remix. People also liked it more because of love of Gabe The Dog.

2.Shape of bork

It's remix is similar to the remix of 'Shape Of You' song.This video is also made by the barking of Gabe The Dog. It is also one of the best remix of Gabe The Dog. It was uploaded one year ago which has 1.1 millions views today.

3.Gabe The Dog skyrim

Skyrim is a type of game which was developed by Bethesda game studios in Nov 2011. Skyrim is rated 96% in the world. 
This video of Gabe The Dog is made in the style of skyrim game that is why it is named so.
This video has gained 1.3 million views in 3 years.

4. Gabe The Dog undertale

Undertale is also a video game developed by American Indie Developer Toby Fox. In this game you will have to fight with monsters.
Based on undertale game, video of Gabe The Dog is also uploaded on YouTube.This video was made about 3 years ago but it is a slightly boring type, I don't like it. There are many videos available on YouTube better than it.

Gabe the dog bork

A playlist named ' Gabe The Dog' is also made on YouTube. Here are top 10 most viewed video description from this playlist.

1.Dame Tu Borksita
Views: 21,087,893 (21 million)
Channel name: Rapid liquid

2.Scoopy scary Borks
Views: 7,708,893(7.7 million)
Channel name: Arf

3.The borking dead
Views: 6,835,417 (6.8 million)
Channel name: Arf

4.Careless bork
Views: 6,087,375 (6 million)
Channel name: Arf

5.Grand theft Bork
Views: 5,419,550 (5.4 million)
Channel name: Arf

6. Imperial Bork [star wars]
Views: 5,327,191 (5.3 million)
Channel name: Arf

7. Jurassic Bork
Views: 3,629,704 (3.6 million)
Channel name: Arf

8. Indiana Borks
Views:3,667,379 (3.6 million)
Channel name: Arf

9. The Bork files
Views: 3,623,611 (3.6 million)
Channel name: Arf

10. Bork me up ( before you dog-go)
Views: 2,118,836 (2.1 million)
Channel name: Arf

There are 41 videos in this playlist. A lot of videos has more than 1 million views.

Gabe The Dog breed

If you want to pet a dog like Gabe The Dog, then you must have a question in your mind that 'What breed of dog is Gabe The Dog?' I will tell all the details about Gabe's breed.

American Eskimo Dog

The breed of Gabe The Dog was Miniature American Eskimo Dog which looks similar to a Pomeranian. Gabe The Dog breed was not actually American Eskimo Dog but He was a mixture of American Eskimo Dog and Pomeranian which is called as Pomimo Dog.

There are a lot of similarities between American Eskimo and pomeranian but the difference is of heredity.
American Eskimo Dog
The American Eskimo Dog is a very cute dog, The people who has this dog are very happy because the cute nature of the American Eskimo is very good. But there may be a problem with you for identification of American Eskimo because pomeranian also looks like it. There may be a slight difference between both of them. They look almost similar.

Types of American Eskimo

American Eskimo Dog is divided into three types on the basis of their size.

General information of Toy, Miniature and standard

  • Height
Toy: 9 to 12 inches Or
Miniature: 12 to 15 inches Or
Standard: 15 to 19 inches

  • Weight
Toy: 7 to 10 pounds Or 3.1 to 4.5 kg.
Miniature: 15 to 20 pounds Or
Standard: 30 to 34 pounds Or

  •  Life Span
 Toy: 12 to 15 years.
 Miniature: 13 to 15 years.
 Standard: 12 to 15 years.

  • Color 

White, White & very light brown(biscuit color)


American Eskimo Dog falls under the category of Spitz Dogs. Many people say that the origin of American Eskimo Dog is from the United States.
 But Dog experts claim that its real origin is from Germany. For some times, American Eskimo dog was also known as German Spitz, but after the First World War, Americans started calling it American Spitz. Therefore, today it is famous by the name of American Eskimo Dog.


  Eskimo is a group of indegenous people from alaska to eastern siberia and in northern Canada.
  After 1927, this dog was known as American Eskimo Dog and today it is famous all over the world by this name.

Why this dog breed is too famous? 

One of the reason for their fame is also a Gabe The Dog because when people started watching the video and the remixes of Gabe The Dog, he was seen in two amazing videos in which Gabe looked very beautiful and good-natured, then people started liking him and wanted to pet this type dog breed. A small, beautiful looking, and friendly nature dog liked by all.

Miraculous activities

American eskimo dog is also known for doing a miraculous activities such as Slackline.

American eskimo dog’s face is triangular in shape, ears are also triangular and pointed upwards. The style of their walking is like a king & with full of proudness, its coat is in white and biscuit color. Their mouth remains out, which was a black from the nose, their eyes are round and big. It is very easy to pet a American Eskimo Dog because their caring is not too tough. Their grooming can be done two or three times a week. There is a natural type of oil found inside them which keeps their body clean for a long time and saves from dirt. Due to this reason, there will be no problem for not giving a bath for several days. Their ears also have to be cleaned only once a month.


 American Eskimo dog is faithful, playful and obedient dog. If you pet a dog, then it would be definitely in your mind ‘How to train it?’. It is very easy to train the American Eskimo Dog. You can train it very easily through the game instead of exercising or beating them. They also learn it very soon by looking at other dog.

Gabe The Dog R.I.P.

We can never forget him because he was very lovely. The day of Gabe's death would be very full of sadness for deathtrips and Gabe's lover. At that time, they were not able to control themselves. If deathtrips still remember Gabe The Dog then he must have groan a lot.