Top 10 Dangerous and Dreaded Dog breeds

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal and good friends of human beings. Due to their cleverness and loyalty, people pet them and treat them like a family member.

Cute looking and small size dogs are liked by everyone but most people are fond of such dogs which are very ferocious and dangerous. There are more than 300 different species of dogs in the world, in which some dogs run like a tiger, some dogs are very clever like human beings, some lethal dogs like a wild animals.

In many countries, dogs are given special training to identify thieves. Some special breed of dogs are given at Police, Army, Research and Rescue.

These dogs are very dangerous that at the behest of their owner, they can rip anyone into two parts and kill him. Some of them are best guard dogs.

Dangerous and dreaded species of dog include dogs ranging from large size to machine-like strong jaws, which have such strength that at times when their mind is disturbed then it becomes impossible to control them from their owner also and in such a situation these dogs can prove to be fatal for the people present around them.

Due to the dogs becoming so dangerous and killing many people, The government of many countries have also banned them. In some places, there is a need to get issue a license and certificate on petting such dangerous dogs.

These dogs are not less than a lethal weapon in itself.  Let's know about the dangerous and deadly species of dogs that are found all over the world. On seeing such dogs ,people change their way.

#1  Wolf hybrid

The Wolf Hybrid dog is a species of dog that has been bred between common dog and with a real wild wolf. According to a report by Forbes, the Wolf Hybrid species is among the most powerful and dangerous dogs in the world.

Due to presence of wolf DNA in wolf hybrid dog, their behavior is very similar to that of the wild wolf. The wolf is considered to be the most dangerous animal living in the snowy area and forest.  It is in their nature to kill any animal on seeing it.

It is the courageous task to pet a Wolf Dog hybrid. It is said that petting this dog is nothing less than a wild wolf. These dogs are hunter since birth.

They are very good at killing other animals and eating them but there is a problem related to Wolf Dog hybrid that It becomes very difficult to distinguish a wolf dog and wild wolf because their texture and action looks completely like a wolf.

Therefore, people are also very much frightened by seeing wolf hybrid dog, a young child has to be protected from the dog of this species  because they keep eyes on a children as prey.

#2  Tosa inu

Huge in size and heavy in weight, Tosa inu dog breed is also called as Fighter Breed or Dog of the Samurai. Tosa inu dog is very powerful and can weigh up to 90 kg.

They do not tolerate the presence of People and other animals at all,so people who pet them keep Other animals such as parrot, pigeon and cat to be protected from them.This species of dogs is very rare, so they are priced from ₹ 1 lac to ₹ 12 lac.

Although, they are given special training not to attack humans. Tosa inu dogs have been banned completely in many countries such as Norway and malta due to being very strong and aggressive, because they believe that keeping such dangerous dogs they are not less than  weapons which can become uncontrollable at any time and the owner himself can also kill someone by attacking this dog for his own purpose.

#3  American Pitbull terrior

Whenever it comes to a dangerous dog dreaded dog then the name of American Pitbull comes up. There is no other species like Pitbull dogs in the whole world. These dogs can be good as well as very dangerous. There is so much strength in their jaws that if anything comes in their mouth, they do not leave it easily.

Due to this being fatal and deady, the criminals of many countries started attacking people by these dogs to kill any people, which brought a lot of disrepute to these dogs and they were seen from the eyes of the killer. Despite being small in size, can seriously injure any person in one stroke.

Confidence in american pitbull dogs is very codified, due to which they can prove to be very dangerous and aggressive. Due to their aggressive nature one who pet these dog breeds has to learn to socialize them or to mingle with other people since childhood.

Stubborn effect
Nobody walks in front of their anger. Due to their stubborn effect, If they are determined to attack and kill another dog then the owner himself can not control them. pitbull is famous all over the world due to uncontrollable attacking to another.

Attacking ,seriously injuring other animals and people, all of this due to lack of proper training and  Owner's negligence results. Pitbull are considered to be breed of fighter dogs, so the amount of training they are given not to attack other people that doesn't matter to them. Attacking is in their blood, that is why they are completely banned by the Miami Dade dogs in Florida and Ontario Canada as well as many other countries.

#4  Fila brasielaro

These dogs, found in Brazil, are known for their super cracking ability, aggression and aggressive nature. They are specially pet for hunting wild boar and jaguar.

This is one of the very aggressive dog. Whenever one bothers them or when they get angry on any animal or person, then it becomes very difficult for them to escape.

These dogs were also used to feed and care for animals. Only one dog of this species is enough to drive away the hordes of hunted animals.

Sometimes, when they lose their temper then They get out of control of their owner and if they get angry, then their owner also considers it right to stay away from them. This dog likes unknown people very little and also has more confidence in attacking than barking.

#5  Press Canario Or bull Mastiff

These dogs are also called as fighting dogs because the main purpose of their life is to fight, and for this reason Bull Mastiff are pet . These dogs are very large and can weigh up to 70 kg.

Being very hyperactive and ready to attack at any time, they become very difficult to control due to being very powerful. 

Although they are very loyal to their owner, but they have to be trained since childhood for all kinds of habits because after growing up it becomes very difficult to teach them.

It was in 2001 that their coach was training a couple of Bull Mastiff breed in a house in San Francisco, in which both dogs became very aggressive and attacked their trainer and killed him. Due to which the breed of these dogs became very infamous and banned in Australia and New Zealand.

Later Marjorie knoller, the owner of these dogs, was imprisoned for 15 years in the second degree murder charge of a trainer.

#6  Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs are being used mostly in police and military, so this dog is included in the category of search, rescue and guard dogs, although these dogs are very good and well mannered but sometimes they are very dangerous and deadly.

It may be that to pet Rottweiler dogs is a very difficult task in itself because they need a big place and open ground. To meet other people, They have to be taught from childhood because their one-time attack can reach direct anyone to the hospital.

Rottweiler dog breed have to be very loving because they are very dominating in nature. If the Rottweiler becomes uncontrollable, they sometimes even attacks their owner and these dogs are considered to be the biggest attackers on their owners, despite their obedient & good nature and always attuned to work, Due to this reason people like to pet them such a dangerous breed.

#7  Dogo argentino

Dogo Argentino is a large size white muscular dog breed. They are known for their strength of body and hunting abilities. These dogs developed in Argentina and are used for hunting wild boar fishes and other animals. Because of this, these dogs kill animals larger than themselves with the help of their force and powerful jaws. 

Dogo argentino dogs later came to be used for human protection, but being so strong dogs, it is very important to train them not to attack humans from the beginning, in many countries these dogs are also included in dog fighting. Dogo argentino does not like to lose in any fight.

If become uncontrollable, then dogo argentino can even take the life of any human being. Therefore, To pet them is not an easy task. This dog breed is banned in many countries including Australia, New Zealand and Portugal, because of being very dangerous.

#8  Neapolitan mastiff

Large in size, Neapolitan mastiff are known for their protection skills. They are specialize in guarding humans' homes, properties and farms. Their origins are from Italy, Where in older times they were used for a battle with Bhishma and bloodshed with a gladiator.

War dogs
Romans also used Neapolitan mastiff as war dogs and used to take Neapoliton mastiff along themselves in the war. The dog with dripping saliva that is shown in Harry potter is a Neapoliton Mastiff. They are extremely protective of their family and owner.

Neapolitan mastiff dogs bark only when needed and are immediately alerted to the small unknown movement. These dogs have a history of wars and fighting, because of which their ability to bear pain and wounds is much more than other dogs.

They do not need to be trained to protect their owner, because this quality comes in them from birth to birth. Although these dogs are very sensible but in some situations, except the owner, attacking other members of the house has often been seen at a young age.

Neapoliton mastiff become more aggressive towards young children. In countries like Singapore and Romania, a special certificate and licenses for petting them  is required.

#9  Bandog

Bandog species are absolutely not for the first time owner, because such a dangerous dogs need attention throughout the day . The behavior of the bandogs depend entirely on their upbringing. This dog is powerful as well as very angressive and protective, It is in their nature to be loyal and caring to their owners. 

Bandog breeds are not allowed to be kept as a family pet because these dogs have more interest in sports and physical training than fun, and they are much better than other dogs in learning clever and smart experience very quickly and which can make them both either bad or good.

Bandog's jaws are very strong, when they catch something once, then they leave it according to their wish. It is impossible to see children and other dogs around them. They become more alert & they make a sudden attack with their clever mind. This dog is not less than a weapon in itself, Therefore, in many countries, petting them is a legal offense.

#10  Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff  are large size dogs with heavy and thick hair, their neck is surrounded by thick hair like a lion, they are also called as lion dogs.

Used as
Tibetan mastiff dog (mostly found in mountain area) are strong and large, used to guard sheeps in beginnings. They used to protect these animals from wolf, cheetah, bears and tigers. They were used for guarding these animals.

They are not like a common dog with which we could have fun. To keep these dogs under control, a person is needed who is very powerful and strong, although in the nature they are a little calm but to assert their rights over other dog and to control them and put pressure on them is included in the blood of Tibetan Mastiff.

Therefore, to pet a Tibetan mastiff,  a person needs a lot of training and understanding, any unknown people are not liked by them and when there is a new person around them then they become absolutely alert and keep their eyes on that new person.

They can smash any human or animal with their claws and body weight without using their teeth because of being heavy and powerful. Despite being so weighty, they are very active.

So these were the most dangerous dogs found around the world