Sri lankan Dog Breeds

In the series of Asian dog breeds, Today we will discuss about Sri Lankan dog breeds. Sinhala Hound is one of the most popular dog breed in Sri Lanka.

I researched a lot about Sri Lankan dog breeds but I was not able to find find much more dog breeds in Sri Lanka except Sinhala hound because only some dogs are found in Sri Lanka that is why I wrote article on Sinhala hound.

Before starting this article I would like to ask question that 'which dog has made the world record of loudest dog and barked with 113.3 decimal.
If you know the answer then give me answer in comment. If don't then be patient i will give answer in the end of this article.

Sinhala hound

General information of Sinhala hound:

  • Name: Sinhala hound, Sinhalese hound, Rice hound and street dog of Sri Lanka.
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Group: Hunting Dogs
  • Size: Medium size
  • Weight: 9 to 12 kg Or 20 to 26 pounds
  • Height:13 to 16 inches Or 1 to 1.5 feet
  • Coat: Double, thick and soft coat
  • Color: Black, Black and Tan, Sable and brown-red
  • Temperament: Active, alert, playful, affectionate and intelligent dog breed

What is Sinhala?
Sinhala is the mother tounge of Sinhalese people and it is the second largest spoken language in Sri Lanka.

The breed of Sinhala or Sinhalese hound is found in Sri Lanka and some places of India Sinhala dogs are produced by breeding Kadar dogs and Indian primitive dogs like Indian Pariah dog but some people believe that Sinhala Hound was bred around 4500 BC when people started to keep domestic dogs to drive game.

Sinhala dog can be trained very easily but sometimes they also behaves very aggressively but if you are a good trainer then you can handle it easily.

Vedda people used to keep Sinhala dog for hunting. They considered Sinhala dog more valuable than arrow, bow and hunting weapons. Sinhala dogs are one of the best guard and watch-dog  in Sri Lanka.

Sinhala dogs are mostly territorial. They are very protective of their property, if Sinhala dogs feel anything wrong then they will inform you very soon.

Now a days, The Breed of Sinhala dog is on the verge of ending and it is also included in the count of endangered species that is why it is our responsibility to guard this dog well if you are in Sri Lanka and have this dog breed then you should take care of Sinhala hound and provide the facility that can be done for their health and request the Government of Sri Lanka to create some organisation to get some help. If this is not done then again we will never see Sinhala dog after few days.

Major Problem:
I think "you are the best dog-lover in your family". if it is true then tap 'yes'. If you have Sinhala then you are luckiest person because Sinhala dogs are very special. 
But there may be a problem with you.
Does your dog not sit in the house Or get bored by sitting?
The answer will be off course 'yes'. I'll suggest you if there is a dog park in your area then you must go to the park daily with your dog. 
By going there, Your dog will find an environment which they will like very much and you will also find people who can help you a lot.
But before, That a question arises whether your dog is able to go at the park.
How is the nature of your dog that your Sinhala will not be angry with other dogs Or will not bark at seeing other dogs.
If not, what should you do?
since childhood, make the habit of your dog to dissolve in that environment.

As before starting this article I asked you a question.
The answer of that question is 'Golden dog breed'.
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