Rare Dog Breeds

Today we will talk about such dog breeds which are very rare to see in the world and you may not have heard their name also.

For the last thousand of years, Dogs have been proved to be very loyal and the companion of humans. In many families, if there is no Dog then their family is not fulfilled, therefore we should give importance as a family member to every dog.

Right now we are going to talk about such dogs which are found very rarely in the world. There are five rare dog breeds in this blog.

Before starting this article, I would like to ask you a question, Do you know which dog in the world can bark continuously for several hours without stopping?, If you know then give me an answer in the comment and if you don't know then let me tell you the answer in the last part of this blog.

1.Merle Pitbull
If anybody asks me "which is the most dangerous dog in the world?"  My answer would be Pitbull. Many years ago, Pitbull used to be a very   infamous dog breed, the reason for their infamy was that they used to attack anyone but With the time humans took control over Pitbull.

Merle pitbull is the rarest in all of these Pitbull. Merle Pitbull's color would be very ugly and weird and this is the reason which makes them so rare. It seems that someone has sprayed them with two different colors.


We may find it strange to the appearance of some dog, but that's probably not true for them. When the catalburun was bred all were surprised to see them because there were two noses of catalburun. Cataburun's nose was divided into two different parts and this quality or drawback makes catalburun a Hunter dog. Catalburun can smell their Prey from a far distance.

They are not yet recognized in the worldwide due to which few of the catalburun exists on the earth. These are very rare dogs.

3.Bergamasco shepherd

If you look at this dog closely you will suspect that it is the dog or that is something else. The original home of these dogs in bergamo in Italy because of this they were named Bergamasco.

Due to the extremely cold areas in Italy, there is too much hair on their body, not only to avoid the cold but these hairs are very useful to them. They are not made for living in homes. They like openness very much due to which breeders make excuses by breeding them that is the reason why this dog is so rare.

4.Tibetan Mastiff

This is a dog which is considered very old because this dog is mentioned in the historical pages of 3rd and 4th century. This big and haired dog is found in the Himalayas and it is amazing that a Tibetan Mastiff can weigh up to 60 to 80 kgs.

It is not easy for anyone to take care of such a large dog & it is impossible to keep Tibetan Mastiff at home, they need a special and large garden that is why this dog is included in the count of rare dog breeds.


The story of dogs begin 5000 years ago in Central Africa.  Basenji dogs have many and different special abilities that make them very rare first of all this dog cannot Bark, yah! really, you read correctly that they cannot bark ever.

Basenji dogs make a different sound and the tail of Basenji dog remains 360 degrees, where average dogs can produce up to 12 to 15 puppies at one time but at the same time Basenji dog cannot produce more than 4 puppies, this may be the reason for their being rare dogs.

So before starting this article, I asked you that which dog in the world can bark continuously for many hours without stopping?
The answer is Bakharwal dog if you want to read more about it then click on this blog and know more about Bakharwal dog......