Most Popular Dog Breeds In Pakistan | Pakistani Dog Breeds

In the series of Asian dog breeds today, we will talk about Pakistani dog breeds.These are the most popular dog breeds in Pakistan.

Mostly large dog breeds are found in Pakistan. Some of them are very dangerous and rare which are only found in Pakistan.

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"Do you know that What is the type of dog breed which has recorded the name in Guinness World Record for keeping five regular size tennis ball in its mouth?"
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Top 3 Dog Breeds in Pakistan

Gull Terrior
Gull Terrier is a tall, medium-sized, broad chest and Mollosser type dog breed that is most commonly found in Pakistan also called by the name as Gull Terr. Gull Terrier has white, smooth and short coat.Gull terrior is a faearless dog breed that need a good and experience owner to train and control easily.

Gull Terrior get suspicious on seeing a stranger and they are very extremely powerful, protective and loyal dog breed to their owner. They are large dog breeds. It is very important that your Gull Terrior should be socialized from childhood.

Gull Terrior Dogs have very good structure and routine that need a good exercise, Gull Terrior dogs are very active. In history Gull terrior dogs  were used in dog-fighting that is why they can behave very aggressively with other dogs.

like every strong dog, Gull Terr dogs should also have a leader from the beginning it should be told in childhood that you are their leader. Gull terr are very active and energetic dog breed and need a daily long-walk to burn their energy.

Gull Terr dog was bred when India-Pakistan were under British rule. British brought British Gull Terrior with them then the British Gull Terrier was bred with local Indian dog like Bully kutta to produce Gull Terrier. Gull terr is like a gladiator found in the rural areas of Pakistan. 

When needed they keep fighting till their last breath for the protection of their owner, they can also be used as an ideal guard dog. In Pakistan they are very famous for their fast speed and accuracy. They are agile dog and agility is always on their feet.

Bully kutta
Do you like big size dog very much?
I don't know about you but I have seen many people that often like large size dog too much. Have you thought ever that "the large size of their body is a boon or a curse for them". I am saying it because like Bully dogs were not a fighting dog but due to their large size, they were used in dog-fighting. We have made dogs combative which is probably not true for them.

Due to their large size, they have been given name "The Bully". Bully dogs are ranked fourth in the ranking of strongest dog breed and fall within the top 10 in the ranking of large dog breed. Bully Dog are found in the border of both India and Pakistan. 

Their coat is very short, smooth and plain color may be white, Black and brown. They can be identified by wrinkled face and the color of nose is black and thier chest is very broad. The way of walking of Bully kutta is like the lions. This is one of the most popular dog breeds in Pakistan.

There is death-war between Bully kutta and Tibetan Mastiff, American bully, Gull dong. Bully Dogs are not for small families or small houses, they need a big open ground where they can exercises and roam well. 

Bully dogs are very intelligent and dominant dog breed they are also a very good guard, territorial and fearless dog breed. Most of other dogs in their territory are not seen because as soon as the other dog enters in the territory of Bully Dog then Bully dogs attack very dangerous to them because of this reason they have been banned in UK & US.

Talking about their health disease, There is almost no healthy desease in Bully kutta. If you keep them from the beginning in a place where they are born then they will mostly have no problem and this dog can easily survive in a warm place.

You can easily get a pure breed of bully kutta from 10-20 thousand but it is not so easy to pet a Bully kutta, If you are thinking to pet Bully Dogs, then you have to socialize them from beginning and you will have to be a firm leader and maybe if you find it in india then you may have to issue a permission to pet Bully kutta but there is no problem to pet Bully kutta in Punjab because it is very common to have a Bully dog breed in Punjab.

Pakistani shepherd dog

Also known by the name of Bhagyari dog. Bhagyari is derived from a Punjabi word "Bhagyaar" which means a wolf. Generally dog is called kutta in hindi. Bhagyari Dog is found in the areas of Punjab and Sindh which are in Pakistan.

There are three types of Pakistani Shepherd dog. Bhagyari dogs are strong, muscular and wolf type dog breed. They have round and black eyes and sol of their legs are very hard which helps them in running.  

The Bhagyari dog looks almost like a German Shepherd when British came to India they spread a rumour that the dogs of India can neither be a good guard nor they can be of any use and Indian dogs can not be trained easily but they are like a wild animal the reason for the rumour was to sell their British dog breed. 

The rumour spread all over India very soon and in this way British sold their dog breed very easily that is the reason as much as we see foreign dog breed today in India and Pakistan is due to the British. 

At that time because of this rumour people considered Indian and Pakistani dog breed as a useless and untrainable animal. But at the same time people started paying more attention to Bhagyari dogs because they were one of the rare dog breeds in the world. 

Bhagyari dogs are best guard dogs in pakistan but can not be used as a bodyguard. If you have a bhagyari dog and do  guarding it is like an alarm that cannot be snoozed. In ancient times this dog was used to handle the flock of wolves, they are about 20 to 25 inches in height and can weigh up to 30 to 40 Kg. 

If you have this dog breed then you should bath your dog only when needed, over-bathing can also cause skin disease. Most of the people like Bhagyari dog due to being a smart dog, Bhagyari is a fast, agile and self confident dog.

These were the series of "best dog breed in Pakistan". As before starting this blog I asked you a question.
Here is answer" Golden Retriever made this record". If you want to know more about Golden Dog Retriever then click here,......