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In the series of Asian Dog Breeds, Today we will talk about Bangladesh dog breeds. Sarail hound is one of the most popular dog breeds in Bangladesh.

Only some breeds of dog are found in Bangladesh, in which Sarail hound is one the most popular and loving in Bangladesh. It is also one of the best dog breed in Bangladesh.

Before starting this article I would like to ask question that "which Chinese dog breed look almost like lion?"
I think there is a curiosity to know the answer. If you know the answer then give me your answer in comment, if don't then let me tell you answer in the end of this article.

   Sarail hound

General information of Sarail hound
  • Name: Sarail hound
  • Origin: Bangladesh
  • Type of hound: Sight hound
  • Color: brown and white, White and black, solid black, Brindle.
  • Weight:18 to 33 kg  Or  40 to 72 pound.
  • Height:23 to 28 inches.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years.
  • Popularity: Mostly popular in Bangladesh.
  • Temperament: intelligent, loyal, Smart, friendly, affectionate, socialable,alert & active.
  • Litter size: 5 to 8 puppies.
  • Coat: Thin & short coat.
  • Size: Medium size.
  • Speed: Very high approximately 50 to 60 km/hr.
Sarail hound looks like almost Greyhound. It is found in the district of Brahmanbaria, Sarail in Bangladesh. These are the legendary dogs of Bangladesh called Bangladeshi legend.

Sarail hound is produced by breeding Arabian hunting dog and wild dogs. Sarail hounds are most popular dog breed in Bangladesh but it is also a rare dog breed & on the verge of ending that is why this is the responsibility of us and Bangladesh government to protect them from extinction.

The ability to see Sarail hound is more than the ability to hear because of which they can see their prey from very far distances.

The legs of sarail hound is very long they are very fast running dog. Sarail Hound dogs are very devoted for the owner but they do not like to hug and touched by any other they are very territorial, if other animals like rat, cat and other dogs come in their territory then Sarail hound can kill them.

Sarail hound are very good dog breed. We should make government and private organisation protect them from extinction, such organisation can provide biological treatment, food and places to Sarail hound.

The smooth, powerful, long curved and wide chest body of the Sarail hound seems quite impressed. The main motive for breeding the Sarail hound was about hunting. Because of their fast speed, hunting of wolf, deer and birds could easily be done by them. Sarail Hound also participates in many sports, people love them too because of their sweet, charming and pleasing nature.

As I  asked you a question that which Chinese dog breed looks almost like lion.
The answer is 'Chow Chow'. If you want to know more about Chow Chow then click here....
Location: Bangladesh