Strongest dog breeds

Here we will read about strongest dog breed there are five strongest dogs breed in this blog these are not Asian dogs breed.

1. American Pitbull Terrier

Have you seen any pitbull dog ever?
pitbulls are the strongest dog breed pitbull are very muscular when I see Pitbull then I think they also go to the gym.They can prove to be an effective dangerous dog .

The appearance of staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier is same. This pitbull does not have a certain behaviour. Pitbull is a medium sized dog and can weigh up to 99 Pounds. Pitbulls are athletic and adaptable dog.

Pitbull's ability to bear pain is very high when a prey is cought in pitbull's mouth so they do not leave it easily and pressure of the byte is almost 1600 Pounds per square inch. If they are trained properly then they can become the best dogs ever.

Due to their strong body they also need exercise very much. Their energy level is very high so they need more space. They are too dangerous and strong dog that if an animal comes in against the safety of its owner then Pitbull can kill it too,due to this reason they are also banned in many countries and in UK.

It is in the category of world's dangerous dog. Talking about the the history of American Pitbull dog then they were used in beer batting and bull batting. Ranking of this pitbull dog is 81 in  AkC.

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

They are also known as staffy and Baby dog.This bull terrier is medium medium size dog. Staffordshire has short and muscularity hair. Staffordshire bull terrier was established by British bull terrier which were used to fight with Bulls.their carving body weighs 55 pounds and length is up to 17 inches.

This bull terrier is a friendly dog and best for an active family. Staffordshire bull terrier is praised for its patience and love with the children. Although we emphasize that a child should not be left alone with the dog. This dog is very good for those who understand their sensitive nature this is a good companion and healthy dog.

3. Cane corso or Italian Mastiff

Cane corso or Italian Mastiff is a very muscular, powerful and bulky dog breed.cane corso's body parts are very strong. They have protective sense in their veins. Their chest is deep and stretched with the height of 25  to 28 inches maled and the height of female is 23 to 26 inches their average weight can be vary from 40 to 50 kg.

Cane corso is not for the first time owner.  It is for an experienced owner. If cane corso Falls into the wrong hand then cane corso can prove to be a very aggressive dog. They can also attack humans and Dogs so they need to be socialized since childhood but if an experienced dog owner keeps them well then they can prove to be companion & ideal dogs. They are very effective and most respectful towards their owner. They are also very intelligent dog breed.

4. Rottweiler

The popular Rottweiler known for personating the Devil's dog in the horror movie(The prophecy) . Rottweiler is a very strong robust dog, after a good training they become firm and loving dog breed. This police dog was included for Guarding, defence killing and protecting.

Their height is about 27 inches and which weigh up to 132 Pounds. Due to their large size and powerful body they can do easily a difficult work. They can proof like an energetic bomb due to which they need a lot of exercise. Their favourite activities are swimming and racing. They are most popular dog breed but despite their being so popular, you will find less number of Rottweiler in the world.

The name of Rottweiler is derived from the small town Rotwile in Germany. When  Romans settled in Germany then they lived in town   named Rotwile, when they wanted to go outside from the Germany then they leave their Rottweiler dog in the Rotwile town, after sometime dog were used to to call with the name of Rotwile town then it was named Rottweiler dog. The Roman people used rottweiler dog to pull their Carts full of meat and goods.

5. American bully

American bully has  a impressive appearance with a strong neck and a stretched chest. This bully has good physical strength compared to other dog breeds. Due to genetic inheritance thet are not much taller and their height is 19 inches. They are friendly confident, relaxed and reliable dog that means a courageous dog. They are not an aggressive dog. Their was from 77 pound to 88 pound which is much more than their size. You will have to pay attention to their food.  They have blue colour eyes. They are very clean dog & they are very protective of their family if they have doubts about the safety of their family then they can go to any extent.

These were the series of strongest non-Asian Dogs breed.
Then what you think that which one should be more strongest among these five dogs?
Give your experiences in comment.
According to my knowledge Pitbull should be the strongest and muscular.
Is this true?