Chinese dog breeds,Top 5 dogs breed in china

In the series of Asian dog breeds we will discuss about chine dog breeds.
Here are top 5 Chinese dog breeds that you hardly see other than in China if you have any one of them then you are a lucky if you are not in China. Some of dogs are very rare also in China. These five are popular dog breeds in China. Let's start....

1.Chow Chow Dog Breed

Chow Chow dog breed is originated from China,where it is referred to a shi which means puffy lion dog. The Breed is also called as tang quan dog by the tang Empire. It is believed that the Chow Chow dog is one of the native dog used as a model of foo dogs(fu dog are Lion in reality).

Chow Chow is the most oldest dog breed still in existence in the world. The Chow Chow dog is the most distinctive, famous for its long coat, wrinkly face and blue black tongue. The chow chow is a medium sized dog with the average adult height ranging from 17 to 22 inches tall and weighing 40 to 70 pounds .

Chow Chow is relatively thick and short breed but the coat of both varieties make it appear much larger than its original size, most of its body is covered by the hair. chow chow is almost square inches proportion. Chow chow are not excessively active meaning they can be housed in apartment however Chow Chow living in an apartment need daily exercise to prevent restlessness.

Chow chow will tend to be more assertive with owners in expectation of such activities. This dog breeds have many strong loyal Bond towards friendship and family, they like to be quiet and well behaved but it is also resistant to training this dog breed is very naughty. The nature of Chow Chow is very calm and it's not agressive dog.

2.Shar pei dog

Shar pei dog breed known for its deep wrinkles,red,blue & black tongue. The Breed is originated from Canton China. English name is probably derive from the British spelling of the cantonese  which translate to sand skin and refers to the the texture of a short rough coat as puppies.

Sharpei has numerous wrinkle but as they mature,these loosen and spread out, small triangular ears and a high set tail also give the Sharpei to be a unique. The tail is thick and round. Sharpei are a lot more wrinkly than adult. Sharpei have wrinkles mostly on the face a few on their shoulder and at the base of the tail. The sharpei's pigmentation look likes the Chow Chow as they have been crossed before probably giving the same blue black tongue.

There are over 16 recognised colours in the AKC standard. The coat must be solid in  colour and any Sharpei with the flowered Coat spot it or black and tan in coloration that is Rottweiler is a disqualification colours include blue,black,fawn,red,red fawn, red Sable,chocolate and Isabella.

The nose maybe Black Or Pink with black with or without a black mask. All sharpei puppies need early socialization with the children,stranger and other animals. They're very independent and  reserved breeds.

3. Shih Tzu Dog

Have you ever seen Shih Tzu dog breed? When I saw this dog breed I never believed that "it is real"it was really looking like a toy. It will be your companion dog. It is not a hunting and guard dog. It is very friendly and adaptive dog. Itcan live from Apartment to a countryside.

Shihtzu dog is also known by the name of Chrysanthemum flower this name was given to these dog because when they are puppy their hair grows in every direction on the face and head like a flower. Shihtzu loves playing with children and other dogs. These dog need to be monitored otherwise they can harm small dogs. Shih Tzu is most popular dog in China for small house.

In 1950 shitzu dogs were on the verge of ending because of Communist Party,all the shihtzu dog we see today are just because of 14 dogs remaining only. They have Double thick coat, the outer one is hard and soft Coat is inside, the shitzu dog need more brushing and grooming so that it's coat looks good. Shihtzu dog are alert,playful and friendly and devoted to their owner the face of these dog  is the most adorable.

Shih tzu should be kept in air condition during the months of Summer because this dog is good for cool places. While sleeping shihtzu dog snore like human. There is also a myth of shihtzu dog, it is said that Lord Buddha had a shitzu dog with him when he faced robbers then shihtzu dog turned into lion and fought with the robbers.

4.Pug Dog Breed

Pug is one of the oldest dog breed. The origin of Pug dog is from China,by the way pug dog was bred to live with China's ruling family . In 16th century Dutch East India Company transport Pug dog from China to Netherlands from where it  spread all over the Europe. Pug is most popular dog breed in China.

Pug contributed a lot for the breeding of English bulldog and King Charles Spaniel the dog are very small but their mouth is bigger than their body the pug have wrinkles on its face. The tail is always curled these dogs are small but they are very strong, they are not aggressive at all due to this feature they can be kept with the children. It is also one of the best dog breed in China.

Pug can be easily maintained and grooming is very easy but you should clean their face wrinkles properly due to their strange face,they get a problem, their body temperature increases very much due to which organ failure can also happen.Pug dogs love to spend their time with their owner,if they are alone in the house then they spend more time in Sleeping. Pug dog can never be a good guard dog and Watchdog

Four coat colours are found black,fawn,silver fawn & apricot. Their average weight is 8 to 10 kg if you over feed them then they will gain weight soon height can increase from 10 to 14 inches. lifespan would be 10 to 12 years.

5. Kunming Wolf Dog

The Wolf Dog are created by breeding Wolf with the dog. This is also known as wolf hybrid. They are not recommended for living in apartment, if you want to pet a wolf dog then you should socialize this dog with the early age.

In some Countries there is a permissible to pet a Wolfdog & in some countries it is restricted in public place. Kunming wolf dog is also known as Chinese wolfdog. Kunming wolf dog is a military assistant dog used in rescue and researches. Kunming wolfdog is similar to German Shepherd in appearance, it has a shorter coat & triangular ears on the's skin is loose and bushy.

Kunming Wolfdog only bark when they are excited and alert. The coat of Chinese Wolf Dog is thick like of the German Shepherd, colour of coat is light tan almost light and black. They carry  the double layer Coat to protect themselves from warm and to stay cool grooming is very easy for Chinese wolfdog.

Kunming Wolfdog are intelligent,
,courious, self assured, energetic and inquisitive similar to German Shepherd they are always alert and very powerful. This dog breed is loyal and loving, these features of this dog make it a good family dog they are happy to work hard for you but you may find it is hard to keep them for more working.

Since this is a dog with high energy they are best for active family,if you have small children and you like a Chinese Wolf Dog then you should take the puppy of Wolf Dog, in this way you can socialize the wolf dog easily.