Golden dog,Golden Retriever,Gundog

Do you know about Golden Dog breed?

This blog post is about Golden Dog Breed here you will know all the information related to Golden Dog.

Golden Dog's general information:
  • Name: Golden dog,golden retriever and also known as Gundog.
  • Colour: dark Golden,light golden,golden and white golden retriever.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years.
  • Popularity: fifth most popular dog breed by registration in the world.
  • Height: Male-1.8 to 2 feet Or 22 to 24 inch, Female-1.6 to 1.8 feet Or 20 to 22 inch.
  • Weight: Male-30 to 35 kg Or 66 to 77 pound,Female-20 to 25 kg Or 55 to 66 pound.
  • Origin: The Scotland, United Kingdom  and England.
  • Temperament obedient,playful and intelligent.
  • Litter size: 4 to 12 puppies.
  • Price from $500 to $3000 based on the type of dog.
  • Group: Sporting group.
  • Types: Three Types of Golden dog American,Canadian and English.
  • Coat: dense,water repellent,outer with a thick coat.
  • Size: Large size with broadly speaking.
The origin of Golden dog is not from Asia therefore it is not an Asian dog breed but it is mostly found in Asia because it is a family dog. The golden dog is the best suitable dog for the first-time owner. 

The golden dog has been produced by cross breeding too many dogs. When the tweed water Spaniel is crossed to yellow flat coated Retriever then their offspring is crossed to another dog breed like fomate dog, Bloodhound, Labrador and red setter dog then Golden dog is produced. It is a good post dog but it is not a guard dog.It  is also a good companion dog. 

Golden dog can be socialized easily if they were treated from the beginning. They are the kid family dog.It can take care of itself as well as other animals.It takes one year to get their right height and two years to get their right weight.


They are found in mostly golden colour. It has dense,water-repellent,outer coat.

Habits:                                                         Golden dogs loves playing in the water and they are also a good swimmer, they also exercised by swimming. Speaking about exercise of Golden dog they need daily exercise of half an hour. If you go jogging then you can take them along with you.

 The golden dog likes to eat food and gain weight quickly. The golden dog cannot be left alone for more time, if it is done then it becomes depressed and can go to depression too. Experts say that it can't be left alone more than seven hours.

 They bark very loud on seeing the stranger but if stranger toured them with love and fed food, then they become friends with them too.


These dogs were produced for hunting but the golden dog is used today in many works such as Search and rescue,tracking,police work & in retrieving.It is also used in TV shows and movies such as entertainment, Homeward bound and The Duke as it is trained very soon.


The ranking of Golden dog in the smartest dog is four. American President Gerald Ford and joe wiegand also had Golden dogs. The golden dog is also named in Guinness World Record Golden dog named Oggy made a record of keeping 5 regular size tennis ball in it's mouth. Another dog named Charlie made the record of the loudest dog. It barked with 113.1 decimal.

Types of golden dog:

Golden dog is of three types American,Canadian & English. Coat colour and their size differ in all these three types.


If you talk about golden dogs disease, most of them have cancer approximately 61% of Golden dog die from cancer 66% of male and 57% of female. If you have Golden dog then you have to to keep checking them from time to time.

Why Golden dogs are called Golden Retriever?

If you have Golden dog then you should be known,why Golden dog is called Golden Retriever? Basically Golden dog is used in hunting when Hunter goes hunting, Golden dog retrieves the prey without damaging it, hence it's name is Golden Retriever.