Dog Breeds In India | Top 5 Dog Breeds In India.

Do you want to know about Indian Dog Breeds?
Today, we will talk about dogs breed in India.Here, there are top 5 Best Indian  Dog Breeds which are popular in India.


Asian dog breeds

  • Name: Indian pariah dog, Indian Native dog and also known as Desi dog.
  • Colour: light brown, dark brown, reddish-brown, White, black & spotted.
  • Temperament: Alert & social.
  • Height: Male-20 to 25 Inches Or 1.6 to 2 feet, Female-18 to 23 inches Or 1.5 to 1.9 feet.
  • Weight: Male-20 to 30 kg Or 44 to 66 pound, Female-15 to 25 kg Or 33 to 55 pound.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 13 years.
  • Price: Mostly free in India if you buy from a shop then it will cost from INR 100 to 1000 Or $1.5 to $15.

Indian Pariah dog is the national dog of India.The origin of Indian Pariah dog is from India.It is believed that this dog breed is more than 15000 years old and has been living with human bieng since then, therefore Pariah dog is a good family dog.

Indian Pariah dog is used in many works.They are used to protect the field.Tribal people use this dog in hunting.Pariah dog is also one of the best Indian guard dogs. It is also known as street dog.The population of dog in India is more than 25 million most of which is street dog only, due to high population of street dog they are not treated well but Indian Pariah dogs are very loyal towards their owner and they very good pet dog.

They can live in every weather condition.They can be handled easily without any training.They can also stay in the coldest region of Kashmir and hottest region of Rajasthan if they live in the same weather condition from beginning.The Indian Pariah dog which lives in a hot area has short coat and which lives in cold area has long-coat.The Indian Pariah dog is good in the case of health also but you can also play ball throwing, tennis & discuss throw along with them.


  • Name: Bhutia kutta,Indian Panther hound & mahidant mastiff.
  • Colour: light yellowish-brown ,brown, piebald and cream.
  • Temperament: intelligent and gorgeous.
  • Height: Male-22 to 31 inches Or 1.8 to 2.5 feet.Female-20 to 28 inches Or 1.6 to 2.3 feet.
  • Weight: Male-40 to 45 kg Or 88 to 99 pound, Female-35 to 40 kg 77 to 88 pound.
  • Life expectancy: 8 to 15 years.
  • Price: INR 1500 to 5000 Or $20 to $75.

Gaddi dog is a hilly dog.It is also called as Bhutia dog because it is mostly found in black colour but there are many colours of Gaddi dog.It is originated from India mostly It is found in Uttarakhand and in high places where the height of Hill is more than 1500 metre.The Gaddi dog which lives in high places or in high region are generally big in size.

Gaddi dogs come in the category of guard dog.Gaddi dog is developed by Tibetan Mastiff.Gaddi dog are also used to control the flock of sheeps and also protect them from the dangerous animal such as snow leopard and bear.The coat of Gaddi dog become more denser in the winter and fall in the summer.The size of Gaddi dog ranges from medium to large size.

3. Gull Dong

  • Name: Gull dong, Indian Gull Dong, Pakistan Gull Dong, Indian Bull dog , Pakistani Bull Dog.
  • Colour: black, white, red & fawn.
  • Temperament: Intelligent responsive alert  & energetic.
  • Height: Male-30 to 44 inches Or 2.5 to 3.6 feet, Female-28 to 36 inches Or 2.3 to 3 feet.
  • Weight: Male & Female-70 to 90 kg Or 150 to 200 pound.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years.
  • Price: INR 6000 to 7000 Or $88 to $100.

Generally dogs are called kutta in hindi.By the way origin of Bull Dong is from Pakistan but it is also found on the border of India.Bull Dong is mostly used in dogfighting.
When the Gull terrior is crossed to Indian Mastiff then Bull Gull dong is produced.Both dog breeds are very powerful therefore Gull dong has the size and power of Indian Mastiff
Speed & aligidy is of Gull terrior which makes Gull Dong is a great fighting dog.

Gull Dong is also used in hunting and guarding. Gull  Dong dogs are aggressive in nature because of which it is difficult to make them a pet dog. They should be socialized from the beginning.They react with a lot of aggressive nature in front of other dogs, Gull Dong are quite honest to their family, These dogs are large in size they are very muscular and powerful dogs.These dogs need more space to live.


  • Name: Bakharwal shepherd dog, Gujjar dog, Kashmiri sheepdog, Kashmir Mastiff.
  • Colour: black, red, fawn, tan, pied, sable & white.
  • Temperament: strong, courageous,  Fearless and protective.
  • Height: Male & Female-24 to 30 inches Or 2 to 2.5 feet.
  • Weight: Male & Female-30 to 60 kg Or 66 to 130 pound.
  • Life expectancy: 8 to 13 years.
  • Price: INR 2000 to 6000 Or $30 to $90.

Bakharwal means "Bakariyan rakhne waala". Bakharwal is the name of nomad tribe.Nomad takes Bakharwal dog with them. Bakharwal dogs is originated from India.Bakharwal dog is found in Jammu and Kashmir.Bakarwal dog is an ancient dog breed of India. 

This is the most aggressive and Fearless dog known by many names like Kashmiri Mastiff, Kashmir sheepdog, bakharwal Mastiff and Kashmir bakharwal dog.The bakharwal dog breed is on the verge of ending in today's time. This dog is quite active that's why it is important to train them well.They are protective, powerful, serious,  loyal and tough.It is a working dog. 

Nomads claims that Bakharwal dog is the only breed that can bark for several hours.Some people have the prospect that this is somehow related to the Tibetan Mastiff but Gujjar tribe do not agree with this they believe that the bakharwal dog is much older than the Tibetan Mastiff.They are boss by nature they are fearless.

It is true that bakharwal Dogs eat chapati and rice but it's not true that they are only a vegetarian. They can live without food for many days.If you will lock them in the cage they would not come out of the cage.If you talk about selling of bakharwal dog to Gujjar tribe then they would say that we can give our life stock but not bakharwal pups.


  • Name: Indian Spitz.
  • Colour: Black, white and brown.
  • Temperament: Intelligent, alert,  high-spirited,obedient and playful dog.
  • Height: Male-16 to 18 inch Or 1.3 to 1.5 feet, Female-14 to 16 inch Or 1.1 to 1.3 feet.
  • Weight: Male-6 to 20 kg Or 13 to 44 pound, Female-5 to 18 kg Or 11 to 40
  • pound.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years.
  • Price: INR 2000 to 2500 Or $30 to $36.

This is a small sized dog breed. It's origin is not entirely from India. Actually, when British came to India then they came with German spitz then Indian Spitz is developed by German spitz.

The Kennel Club of India has registered only Indian spitz as a Indian dog breed but other international agencies have not registered Indian spitz as a Indian dog breed.Indian spitz was quite popular in the 19th century such as Labrador and German Shepherd. Indian spitz is still famous but not so much as it was in 19th century. Indian spitz are of two types: small Indian spitz and big Indian spitz.

They are good for Indian climate.They can be easily maintained and can live with big family.There is no need to give expensive food to Indian Spitz because they can survive with the meal of house like rice with little chicken.